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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Pulte Homes Social Media

Audience Honor in Real Estate


After a successful 2016 that saw Pulte accomplish its objective of extending its relationship with homebuyers by creating an engaged social community, the brand then shifted objectives in 2017 to harness this new community. In 2017, Pulte worked to utilize social as a powerful tool that could not only help increase brand awareness and forge meaningful relationships with users, but to also drive the overall business objective of selling homes.

In an effort to use social as a key businesses driver, Fullscreen and Pulte Homes focused the approach on several factors. First, generating brand awareness while also building brand affinity to help expand the established social community. Second, working to increase consideration for Pulte Homes through audience-first, engaging content and one-to-one brand-user conversations. By focusing on fostering a dedicated community and building upon the relationship with Pulte fans, potential homebuyers and existing homeowners, Pulte aimed to drive traffic to the Pulte markets and local communities, and ultimately generate leads.

Strategy and Execution

With several objectives in mind, we developed a multi-faceted strategy to help Pulte connect with fans and position them as a helpful guide for users throughout their home-buying and building journey. We focused on 3 key aspects 1) content strategy 2) engagement strategy and 3) media strategy. By implementing these all as one holistic approach, we were able to form strong relationships with social users and accomplish Pulte's goals.

Our content strategy tapped into Pulte's brand positioning of "helping people build the life they envision" by focusing on creative that featured beautiful imagery of interior and exterior home designs, decor tips on how to get there, and more inspiration for what to do when you arrive home. We created content for the Pulte National social pages, as well as content that was optimized and targeted specifically to the 27 distinct markets in which Pulte offers homes. This two-pronged approach helped drive awareness at the national level through captivating original photography of homes, while also increasing consideration and driving traffic at the market level thanks to tailored content that highlighted the best features that the local communities have to offer. Unique content — including cinemagraphs, micro-videos, and Pinterest lists — created an engaging space where fans discovered trends, asked questions, and started conversations.

Our focused engagement strategy led to personalized conversations with fans, talking about every detail of their dream home and laying the groundwork for a positive experience with the brand. Social was the primary portal through which Pulte could communicate with home buyers and home decor fans, transforming the social experience into a one-to-one interaction in the comments section on Facebook and Instagram. As the social community grew, we fostered emotional connections with consumers through consistent posting on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest of original artwork, photography and ideas.

With an understanding that more than ever brands must support their content with paid media, we developed a three-pronged media approach tied to business seasonality and the key objectives of driving awareness, increasing consideration through engagements, and driving traffic and qualified leads to the Pulte website.

Over the course of 2017, we implemented Awareness Ads at the national level across Facebook to help increase brand awareness and brand affinity. In addition, we boosted content across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to generate engagement and clicks, which ultimately helped to increase consideration. Lastly, we created ads targeted to specific demographics such as: renters, families, homeowners, and more that were served to the 27 distinct Pulte markets. These tailored market ads focused on driving traffic and generating qualified leads for the sales representatives in each division.

This three-pronged strategy continued to foster a welcoming social community for Pulte, and proved social to be a key tool for driving Pulte's business forward.


In 2017, Fullscreen and Pulte helped foster a growing social community by building awareness and creating lasting relationships, which in turn helped drive traffic and generate leads.


While the numbers alone are impressive, these comments from our fans further show how Pulte helped build happy homes and help users along their home-buying journey through social.


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