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How PETA’s Twitter Saves Animals

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PETA's Twitter is a hub for breaking animal news, ways to take action for animals, animal-friendly celebrity news, compelling animal videos and photos, PETA's eye-catching protests, tips for living a vegan lifestyle, PETA rescues, and vegan recipes. We also focus on live tweeting or streaming live at big events, including the Grammys, Oscars, fashion week, PETA protests, celebrity ad reveals, animal rescues, and more. Our team not only provides helpful and thought-provoking information to the public, but we reply to thousands of replies to our tweets per day, and we create lasting relationships with influencers, celebrities, reporters, and journalists by engaging with their content. Our objective is to provide timely, useful, emotional, and thoughtful animal rights content for the masses, while building solid relationships with our one million followers, celebrities, media, and our followers-to-be.

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PETA's social team works 24/7, on holidays, and during events like the Academy Awards, Super Bowl, Ringling Brothers Circus shutting down and Hurricane Harvey to get our message to be kind to animals in front of millions. We're always focused on staying on top of trending hashtags, and other trends like going LIVE, using of-the-moment language, working with influencers, and using new Twitter features to grab people's attention and educate them.

PETA has dedicated social media correspondents who ensure that we have someone responding to questions and comments on Twitter seven days a week, 365 days per year. This one-on-one attention has caused our audience to become the most-engaged-with Twitter audience in the rapidly growing animal protection movement. Our correspondents create relationships with everyone from someone who just adopted a dog to celebrities who have recently watched documentaries like What the Health and are interested in going vegan. We provide personalized encouragement and support, and this often leads to us working with these same influencers on future campaigns. Our focus on engagement has helped us enjoy longtime relationships with popular personalities such as Miley Cyrus, who posts photos on Instagram in our t-shirts and likes our content, and Ricky Gervais who tweets about PETA to his 12 million followers weekly.

Media has caught onto to PETA's around-the-clock Twitter coverage, and comes to our Twitter account looking for PETA's statements on animal news. As a result, our tweets have been embedded in thousands of news articles including from CNN, Teen Vogue, Telegraph, The Independent, Sports Illustrated, Daily Mail, The Hill, and more, plus mentioned on TV shows including TMZ, Inside Edition, Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey, and local stations.

To bring our followers into the conversation, we often ask them to take direct, personal action on social media. In the last year, we've successfully gotten hundreds of users to post their own content several times. We caught everyone off guard in when we asked Twitter to "present their best argument for eating bacon," to get people to subconsciously admit that there is no actual argument. Throughout the day we tweeted videos of the bacon process, including our "Bacon in Reverse" video which documents how bacon is made. The tweet resulted in our most impressions in one day on Twitter ever, and got attention from media outlets including Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, Fox and Friends, and The Hill.

When whistleblower footage from the film A Dog's Purpose went viral, we asked followers to post their dogs with handwritten signs and the hashtag #BoycottADogsPurpose, to show people that dogs are not actors.

During the Grammys' we noticed the host "give away" scared puppies to audience members during a skit, and quickly tweeted out how animals are not toys to be played with. Our tweet made it into many articles about the Grammys, including Us Weekly and Huffington Post and was mentioned on TV during Inside Edition.


By focusing on one-to-one engagement along with powerful tweets to the public, we've earned the title of the most engaged-with animal organization, and one of the most engaged-with nonprofits. Our account had 27% growth in consumer actions vs. the year before in Q3 of 2017, earning the fifth spot on PR News' Top List of Most-Engaged Brands on Twitter.

In 2017, PETA's Twitter follower count grew by nearly 24%, which was a higher percentage of growth than any other animal protection organization. Our account had 515,900,000 impressions, 4,622,500 retweets and likes, and nearly 44 million video views.

On social media holidays we created such as #BoycottSeaWorldDay, celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand, and Ruby Rose tweeted why they boycott SeaWorld. Actor James Cromwell took over an orca show in the San Diego park, which we streamed live on Twitter; the video now has 51,000 views. When the final orca to ever be born at SeaWorld, Kyara, died at three months old, PETA's social team worked quickly to get the news out to our followers. Many retweeted and liked our tweet, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Media outlets, including CNN, embedded our tweet, and Twitter included our tweet in their "Twitter Moments." Overall from #BoycottSeaWorldDay, our account saw 4.9 million impressions, 17,700 retweets, and over 155,000 video views.


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