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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Guilty Party: An Interactive, In-World Ad on Facebook

Entered in Art Direction

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Our branded mystery series, Guilty Party, was designed to be one massive, immersive experience that invited the viewer to be a part of the story. Naturally we wanted even our paid media plan to mirror this same level of viewer participation the show was built upon, so we turned to Facebook's Canvas—the most interactive ad format on social media. Our goal with this ad was to lure new fans into the narrative through this interactive experience, while at the same time giving our existing fans new, exclusive parts of the story.

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To view our interactive Canvas experience, please visit this link on your phone through the FB app.

Armed with the statistical (and anecdotal) knowledge that astrological content is HIGHLY shareable on Facebook within our target demographic, we created a Canvas ad that would immerse people in our show world through discovering information about their zodiac sign. Users were greeted by a character from the show who briefly explained the background of the drama. After the introduction, users were prompted to explore the ad, learning more about each of the 12 zodiac signs and how they applied to a character from the show.

For each sign, users were given an interactive carousel of images, a custom piece of video content, and even an original meme image made from footage of the show. Every piece of design was aimed at not only promoting shareability but encouraging users to explore beyond their own zodiac sign. New fans would be immersed in learning about these characters and their motives, while our existing fanbase would learn about each character's unique backstory, and uncover easter eggs that one would not get simply watching the series.


The Canvas experience was a success story for this campaign. Our Facebook page following grew by 229% as a direct result of people visiting our page after experiencing the ad. Throughout the duration of the ad, it drove roughly 5000% growth in viewers who found the show from Facebook, compared to the previous time period of the same length. Not only were we able to design a beautiful, comprehensive extension of our story, we got our audience to respond like they never have before. On this ad alone, our engagement rate surpassed all other Guilty Party promotions by eight times!

To view our interactive Canvas experience, please visit this link on your phone through the FB app.


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