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Freixenet: Introducing a Reborn Sparkling Wine Brand to New Consumers

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As a legacy brand, Freixenet's sparkling wine products already see strong sales with older consumers—particularly among women. Our challenge was to introduce the Freixenet brand to a new, younger set of women who are just coming of age and in-market for sparkling wine at a price point that won't break the bank. Laundry Service teamed up with Freixenet for a brand refresh that emphasized its new signature bottle branding. Our objective was to maximize reach to those younger millennial women across multiple touch points over time by leveraging stunning, attention-grabbing imagery—all on a shoe-string media budget.

Strategy and Execution

Freixenet delivers four key products: Brut, Extra Dry, Sweet Cuvée, and Rosé. We decided to maximize our chances of reaching the consumers who would be most likely to purchase these products by developing custom targeting for each one.

By using Facebook Audience Insights and third party trend data, we grouped the interests and behaviors of sparkling wine drinkers that matched each product, limiting media distribution to only the places where that specific product was available. This eliminated wasted impressions in areas where users could not buy the product they were being marketed.

We were able to achieve an ideal universal audience size by refining the targeting methods and reducing the number of audience segments per campaign and product. This allows us to reach 76% of our total audience over the course of a year with at least 4x frequency per user.

Freixenet's social content, produced by Laundry Service, is marked by a consistent, premium aesthetic—one that reflects the lifestyles of the millennial women who enjoy their products. The stunning imagery always situates the brand's iconic black bottle prominently within a whimsical and relatable context.


After implementing the strategy at the beginning Q4 2017, average engagement per post on Facebook and Instagram increased 380% over the previous quarter. CPE decreased 75% from $0.53 in Q3 to $0.13 in Q4.

We reached 2.47M users in Q4 alone with a 3x frequency, achieving 31% of our year-long penetration goal of 7.99M in just one quarter.

By implementing the new Facebook promotion strategy, we were able to increase our organic reach by 17.5%—helping Freixenet place its product front and center with a new generation of consumer.


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