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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Cultura Colectiva +

Audience Honor in Artificial Intelligence


The implementation of Cultura Colectiva +'s unique artificial intelligence-based content tools is rooted in 3 primary objectives:

  1. Reaching the macro millennial and Gen Z audience in the US
  2. Reaching the Latino millennial and Gen Z audience in the US
  3. Reaching the two audience segments above while still maintaining Cultura Colectiva's signature blend of art, entertainment and culturally diverse content

An additional goal that guided the creation of Cultura Colectiva +'s AI, aside from differentiating the company from its competitors, is to ensure content reaches the same amount of people despite algorithmic changes from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since Cultura Colectiva +'s AI automatically learns what content trends are most popular at a given time and adapts accordingly, the company will always produce content that's guaranteed to receive the highest level of engagement from followers.

Strategy and Execution

Cultura Colectiva +, the US arm of Mexico's Cultura Colectiva, implemented its leading AI solution to get an accurate, data-backed perspective on what content is receiving the highest engagement levels from US audiences. Since the content produced by Cultura Colectiva + is based upon high traffic drivers, posts are very likely to see optimal engagement from followers and mitigate any risks associated with algorithmic pivots from social media platforms. This differs from competitors who lack this predictive AI capability and instead rely upon trends to help map out their content strategy.

Cultura Colectiva +'s AI uses three key features:

  1. 'Title Analysis' enables Cultura Colectiva's team to enter a title for a post and see how well it will perform (clicks + "likes") and what time of day will generate the highest viewership. This tool also provides a word cluster containing the most popular words at that point in time, pulled from widely viewed/shared social media posts.
  2. 'Title Generator' will create the headline for a post all by itself by parsing through popular words and phrases on social media. After creating the headline, this tool also provides a graph that shows optimal times for posting and the expected number of clicks and "likes."
  3. 'Image Analysis' analyzes the performance of pieces of content based on images used together with title slide.

The final piece of Cultura Colectiva's AI-centric content strategy is the human touch. To ensure all posts are of the highest quality, editors at Cultura Colectiva's in-house US production studio double-check every entry to confirm optimal keywords and scheduling parameters are in place.


As a result of Cultura Colectiva + implementing their AI solution, the company saw 30% more engagement on average than the top 50 media players in the US. Additionally, the average Cultura Colectiva + follower now watches 120 videos per month, and the US site's 300 million monthly video views are on pace to surpass the 870 million monthly video views of the Mexican site.

Aside from successfully delivering their unique content to their target audience segments and staying competitive with other media platforms, Cultura Colectiva +'s AI is helping the company attract an impressive list of brand partners like Netflix, Nike, HBO, Adidas and more. Cultura Colectiva + helps these companies produce branded content and reach a unique user base that no other US media brand currently has under its belt.


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Cultura Colectiva +


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