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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Ayala Land, Inc. and its Commitment to Sustainable Living

Finalist in Real Estate


Ayala Land is the Philippines largest developer of sustainable estates. However, sustainability is a big concept that's not easy to understand or relate to. Even more so in a country where sustainability/sustainable living is not a priority for most people. Where taking selfies and spending hours on social media is a bigger priority for the average Filipino. How do you make this relevant to the average Filipino who's more interested in what's happening on his Facebook feed than hearing about it?

Strategy and Execution

The job is to turn sustainability into something that Filipinos can't resist liking and sharing on Facebook. How? By turning Ayala Land's sustainability programs into content showing them how to achieve a better quality of life.

Filipinos love Facebook. And they love to like and share content on Facebook. Especially if it's about topics close to their heart. One of these topics is enjoying better quality of life because cities in the Philippines are notoriously poor on quality of life. They are cramped, crowded, haphazardly planned which is the exact opposite of an Ayala Land Sustainable estate. So to make sustainability meaningful to the average Filipino, we connected to something that does matter to them – better quality of life.

How did we implement this?

1. Content Buckets based on the most meaningful aspects of quality of life that Ayala Land sustainability programs make possible. The content buckets cover the following sustainability pillars:

Site Resilience, or ensuring that all developments can withstand geo-hazards;

Pedestrian & Transit Connectivity, or creating developments that are easily accessible for more people;

Eco-Efficiency, the proper management of local resources to minimize environmental footprint; and

Local Economic Development, building communities to be engines of economic growth by providing jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities

2. Precise Targeting of Filipinos most vocal, most dissatisfied with quality of life in their communities. Those who engaged in sustainable content were used as Saved Audience for the targeting of lead-generation ads.

3. Visual Language that appeals to Filipinos' idea of better quality of life. This guided our choice of photos, colors, typefaces, etc.

4. Variety of content format made for the Facebook formats that Filipino FB users engage with the most (e.g. carousel, videos, etc.)

5. Finally, to help lead to inquiries about Ayala Land properties, specific lead-generation venues to catch interested people so that Ayala Land could follow-through on their interest in sustainable estate.


Consumers expressed enthusiasm on sustainability.

1. The total reach of all sustainable-related materials combined, doubled that of a typical Ayala Land content (over 14 million v. 6.2 million).

2. One of the most successful content for 2017 talked about pedestrian-friendliness of an Ayala Land Sustainable estate, garnering a total reach of over 670,000 and an engagement rate of 8.16%—one of the highest in the page, throughout the year.

3. Most shared content of 2017 also talked about the travel angle of sustainability recording over 1,000 shares and over 5,000 reactions, which is 5x the result for a typical content.

4. Content buckets also generated positive sentiments. Some consumers shared the content to "support earth hour." Some have expressed appreciation on the quality of material while comments such as "Sounds wonderful for creating better communities" have acknowledged the role of Ayala Land in providing better quality of life.


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Ayala Land Inc.


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