2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

Entries for the Shorty Social Good Awards are open now! Official categories listed below.
The regular deadline is August 2, 2017

Best in Social Justice

This award honors a program, project, or initiative that seeks to address and dismantle systemic structural and interpersonal inequities based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability status and any intersection(s) thereof.

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Ask For A Raise
Women do just as much in the workplace, but still make less than men on average. Overall, women make .80 cents for every dollar a white man makes, while Latina and black women, respectively, make .54 and .63 cents (in the US). The Muse, a career building website, while looking into ways to fight this situation, stumbled upon an insight from a study by the...
BuzzFeed Queer Prom
Today, for queer-identifying high school seniors, prom can represent an incredibly repressive hurdle in someone's coming-out journey — less "rite of passage" and more just another "night of normativity." What's supposed to be a milestone is instead a stumbling block that further delays self-actualization. Ultimately, this unique challenge facing young peo...
Make Your Move
In today's modern society, there are still insurmountable societal barriers that prevent people from getting closer to the ones they are attracted to. Be it religion, race, sexuality, gender, rich-poor divide, appearance, age, distance – these barriers are still present even in the most liberal countries. In more conservative African and Southeast Asian s...
The Love Cam
Most Americans agree that people should be treated respectfully and fairly. Yet many people in the United States still report feeling discriminated against. One of the main reasons is because we're actually discriminating unintentionally. We do 98% of our thinking in our subconscious mind, and that's where we collect and store implicit biases.Implicit bia...
Upworthy + Verizon - StreetChange
Verizon approached Upworthy to help create and launch a branded-content video to show how mobile technology can be used for good in the world. The story launched on World Day of Social Justice, Feb. 20, 2017. The campaign tapped into the Upworthy Collaborations team's expertise in identifying examples of empathy driving civic engagement. We created a mini...
We Are America
Love Has No Labels was created with the mission to combat bias with love. Our campaigns aredesigned to flood culture with diverse images of love to normalize them, and thereby reduce our implicit bias towards those who are different from us.In its first year, Love Has No Labels demonstrated the power of love to bond two individuals together despite the bi...

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