8th Annual Shorty Award Categories

Archived from the 5th Annual Shorty Awards Best Use of Social Media for News

Over the past year the world has seen major news stories covered in real time using social media. Whether it’s an election, the Olympics, a revolution, or a natural disaster, social media brings us the news faster than ever before, and helps connect us directly with primary sources through first-hand tweets, photos, and videos. This award recognizes the most effective use of social media by a news organization overall, or for a specific news event. Click here to see the previous winner and nominees.

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Honorees & Finalists

Livetweeting the Los Angeles Riots in Real Time
What if Twitter existed in 1992? How would social media help tell the story of Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots? Those were the questions we asked when we were brainstorming features for 20th anniversary LA Riots coverage. What we came up with was @RealTimeLARiots, a historical replay on Twitter of the Los Angeles Riots. Each tweet correspo...
Making Local News Interactive
The KSL Interactive Team takes news stories on trending topics -- from health to politics to the economy – and lets viewers drive the content. Instead of a reporter presenting the story, viewers are part of the story. They interact with the news through Facebook and Twitter in real time. This isn’t putting social media on TV for fun, this is an ...
Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos: Help Us Identify #FakeSandy Pictures
As Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the US, there was a significant amount of misinformation spread over social media about the storm’s impact. Anticipating the potential for misinformation during a destructive and far-reaching news event, as well its impact to those in imminent danger, the Guardian US’s Social News Editor Katie Rogers launc...
Election 2012: CNN Worldwide Won the Social Media Battle
In early 2012, CNN’s social media team began planning how the network would incorporate social media into its coverage of the 2012 election. Part of CNN’s mission was to provide its viewers and users the most engaging coverage of the 2012 election season. Through CNN’s unparalleled political reporting combined with social connectivity, the ne...
CNN Election Insights
CNN noticed that people were incredibly outspoken with election opinions on Facebook and wanted to make sense of this unorganized, yet extremely valuable information. However, with such great levels of volume and varying degrees of content consumability, CNN needed a way to digest and filter all of the chatter. CNN partnered with Mass Relevance ...
Destino 2012 – Univision Election Coverage
Throughout the crucial 2012 Election cycle, Univision threaded social media across #Destino2012 coverage. The Election Day activities alone ranked the network as one of the Big Five networks with social TV activity, regardless of language and No. 1 Spanish-language news source on social with 1.4 million of Social TV activity. According to Social...


8th Annual Shorty Award Categories

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