10th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The 10th Annual Shorty Awards will be held April 15th, 2018 in NYC. See below for official categories.

Brands & Organizations

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Consumer Brand

Social media accounts or campaigns dedicated to promoting consumer-facing brands. Objectives may include new product launches, offers and promotions and building a strong fan base.

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#ChooseToStart with Moto E (Motorola Global Device Launch)
While smartphones have changed the way we connect with the world, millions of people across the globe still can't afford one. Motorola, who believes access to the mobile Internet should be a choice, not a privilege, has made it its brand mission to change that with Moto E, a new class of smartphone tailored for those looking for access to life's possibili...
Endless Table
Reynolds Wrap has been helping people make delicious meals for over 70 years, but they were lacking relevancy among a younger target. As a way to reinvigorate the brand, we decided to tap into this demographic—and the sphere in which they spend the most time—social media. Because of the large cooking community and flourishing foodie culture that exists on...
Imagine Dragons "Destination Dragons Tour" presented by Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines, which is in the business of making memories for its customers, was seeking an authentically unique way to build brand affinity and overall awareness among people 18-54. It also wanted to raise awareness of its L.A. and Atlanta routes. The team aspired to create a program that would fire people's imaginations. From a strategic standpo...
JBL #CordFail Effect (Back and Bigger Than Ever)
Originally launched in 2014, this second iteration of the #CordFail campaign was designed to make an even bigger splash across multiple channels and to raise brand awareness around the new, Bluetooth-enabled JBL Everest series of five wireless headphones. The renewed JBL #CordFail campaign aimed to engage with more consumers than the year prior through tr...
Maytag Man Social Campaign
For years, the Maytag brand was virtually invisible on social media. Few fans and minimal engagement. Our posts were met with crickets. Which makes sense. No one wants to talk to an appliance on Facebook.But with the launch of the new Maytag Man campaign, the brand suddenly had a new face, voice and personality. So we set out to use this new persona to re...
Meet The Beavoosear
For years, Canadian ex-pats have used Twitter as a means of begging Ruffles to bring All Dressed chips to America. And finally, in 2015, their pleas were heard: Canada's favorite Ruffles flavor was coming to the US for a limited time. But although the flavor was well known in Canada, most Americans didn't know that an All Dressed Ruffles chip is one that...
Motor Oil Masterpiece
Let's face it: Getting a unique gift for dad is nearly impossible, especially for Father's Day. Finding an original and personal gift for the man who claims to have everything he needs in life is a massive undertaking. Obviously, themed ties are off the table. Golf accessories have reached a ridiculous level worthy of Rodney Dangerfield. And yes, one man...
Party Hard Moms
Hefty was launching a new crack resistant party cup and wanted to target moms, giving them permission to unleash their inner party animal. So we talked to them in a way they had NEVER been talked to before: with popular millennial slang that was totes #cray and literally on fleek.
S.O.S Soap Pads Soak up Social Media Success
Many have heard of S.O.S pads, or have at least seen them. Perhaps your grandma used them to scrub the bathroom floor or the kitchen. Or, maybe your mom used them to wash dishes when you were a kid. Whatever the case, Clorox's nearly 100-year-old S.O.S soap pad was a brand of cleaning's past, and it wanted to introduce its classic product to a younger gen...
Saucony Seeker Campaign
In Spring 2011, Saucony launched the Find Your Strong campaign, underlining the amazing capacity of the human spirit to reach beyond what we sometimes think is impossible. The campaign continues to inspire and engage consumers to find their personal “strong" through running.The Seeker campaign, a multi-media global brand campaign that launched at the 2015...
Sour Patch Kids Breaking Out: Prom
Our main objective was to tap into relevant, influential talent leveraging them as brand ambassadors with a content program that spanned YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. By building a cross-platform program delivering a mix of video, social and live events, the program included seven long form (four to seven minute) videos which all had CGI elements,...

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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media.

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The 10th annual shorty awards will be held april 15th, 2018 in new york city

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