3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Wine, Beer & Spirits

This awards honors the best use of social media in a marketing campaign by a wine, beer or spirits brand. Objectives may include the promoting the launch of a new beverage, targeting new customer audiences or working to increase brand affinity.

For non-alcoholic beverages, please see our Food & Beverage category.


Miller Lite Summer 2014
To 20-something guys, summer is the real holiday season. Days off, parties with friends and family, feasts, etc. We celebrated their favorite occasion and asked guys to share their summer with us. #ItsMillerTime became the cornerstone of what was about to become the most successful social campaign of the year.
Ballantine’s Campaign for a #WhiskyEmoji
Objective:Create a global social campaign for Ballantine's Whisky that increases relevancy amongst younger whisky drinkers (18-30 year olds).Create famous content that engages existing fans, and generates cut through and reach with new audiences through social.Measure of Success: People sharing our content.Solution & Cultural Context:The prolife...
Bourbon is the New Black
You know the iconic red wax. Get to know the taste. Being an established brand in the category makes for an interesting dichotomy: our objective was to balance both the need to reach new fans while ensuring we didn't ostracize our wonderfully passionate existing fans. Our simple cocktail recipe cards such as the Mint Julep and Strawberry Julep f...
Cuervo Shot Sized Content
Jose Cuervo is the world's number one tequila. But with increasing competition from more premium tequilas, Cuervo's main goal during the last half of 2014 was simple—reappraisal. We wanted to reach a new, younger fan base and encourage them to take a fresh look at the brand. So we reappraised the role of social media. The usual formula in...
How A Celebrity Chef Event Beat HBO to Organically Trend #1 on Twitter
On September 20, 2014, Rodney Strong Vineyards celebrated the "Rodney Strong Silver Anniversary and James Beard Foundation's Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner" with simultaneous events in four cities with 20 participating chefs from the United States and Europe. To celebrate their anniversary of family ownership, Rodney Strong conceived an event that w...
Spitfire Ale
Shepherd Neame is the UK's oldest brewer and Spitfire Ale is its flagship beer brand, created to commemorate the airplane that is credited with winning the Battle of Britain during WWII. The brand has a loyal customer base, predominantly consisting of British males, aged 35-50, who are passionate ale drinkers – a notoriously hard-to-engage demog...


One popular movie line kicked off nearly a decade of bad PR for this once beloved grape variety and by 2014, Merlot sales were down to 8% of the domestic wine market.A handful of domestic wineries got together led by Duckhorn Wine Company and hatched an idea. Use social media to reinvigorate interest in the Merlot varietal. Industry leader, Bakas Media wa...
American Honey — Monday Morning Dance Moves
American Honey's 2014 campaign was built on the idea of 'Bad News for Boring.' One of the many ways we encouraged our drinkers to beat boring was by trying new things. In social media, we brought this to life by creating fun, interactive content to help our fans escape from their boring Mondays. We designed a video series of funny, original dance moves to...
DeadBolt Wine
For Years... Wine and Wine drinking have been associated with food, romance and traditional times.So how could we market a new wine towards the Millennial demographic using something else?Like... Rock Music & Arts?Introducing Dead Bolt - A new red blend produced by Pernod RicardOur assignment: Create a Brand voice using a grass-roots movement of aspiring ...
La Crema Winery's Virtual Vintner
Virtual Vintner™ is an interactive digital experience that engages consumers in a "choose your own adventure"-style winemaking journey, resulting in the first ever crowd sourced La Crema wine. The program unfolded in real time: on August 11, 2014, the microsite went live and participants were asked to vote on whether they wanted to make a Chardonnay or...
Leinenkugel's India Pale Lager Product Launch
As the seventh-oldest brewery in the US, history is the foundation of the Leinenkugel's brand. But these beer brewers do not shy away from innovation. Having recognized a palette shift among the newest generation of American beer drinkers, Leinenkugel's sought to reinvigorate the brand and widen its consumer base by brewing an emerging style of beer with ...
Made of London #Emptypint
In 2014 Fuller's London Pride ale created a social media UK first. As part of the Made of London campaign we created the Twitter initiative #EmptyPint refill. There were multiple objectives but the most important three were: 1. Drive relevance with a younger ale drinking audience, 2. Grow our Twitter following, 3. Demonstrate generosity towards London.Bas...
Negroni Week
Negroni Week, June 2-8, 2014, was the first global, grassroots goodwill campaign based solely on a cocktail… and a nearly 100 year old one at that!The objectives of this marketing effort were to develop a PR and social media-driven program that: 1.Increased consumption for Campari 2.Reinforced Campari's association with the Negroni cocktail 3.Built goodwi...
Small Batch Beer Co. Integrated Campaign
Small Batch Beer Company had a vision to brew unique and creative beers using only a one-barrel system. That vision was full of passion, yes. But full of money? Not so much. So they contacted Mullen NC. It all started with our creating a Kickstarter video that told the Small Batch story. Taste buds watered, wallets opened and the nanobrewery reached its g...
Small Batch Beer Co. Website Redesign
All too often bar and restaurant websites are just static menus in digital form. Brew pubs list what beers are on tap, but customers never know when those beers will be "tapped out" or when new beers will be added. This was a problem for Small Batch Beer Company which brews unique beers in very small quantities. Their "on tap" menu of eight custom beer...
The Original Spirits
As the Original Spirit and world's oldest rum, Mount Gay Rum presents its "Original Spirits" campaign and website, www.theoriginalspirits.com, celebrating modern day "Original Spirits" who embody the same sense of craftsmanship used to make Mount Gay Rum, and have rich stories worth telling.With over 300 years of expertise in creating a handcrafted produc...

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