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The Shorty Award
for Social Media's Best
Kickstarter of the Year

Ever wish you could be one of the members of Shark Tank? Websites like Kickstarter.com have given the opportunity for millions of people to be venture capitalists and investors in products that are the invention of the brilliant people who might not have the ability to get their ideas in front of the Mark Cubans of the world!

The Shorty Award for the Kickstarter of the Year recognizes an impactful, viral and successful Kickstarter campaign. The 7 Kickstarter campaigns with the most nominations in this category will become finalists after the nomination period ends, subject to all other rules. To be eligible for a nomination, all Kickstarter campaigns must have been started in 2013, and listed on Kickstarter.com.


Of the 7th Annual Shorty Award in Kickstarter of the Year

Kickstarter of the Year Nominees