3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

Best use of User Generated Content

This award honors the most creative and effective incorporation of user generated content in a social good campaign, initiative or project.
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2017 was an unprecedented year for climate change - from devastating extreme weather events across the globe to the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. The UN Foundation launched the #EyeOnClimate campaign at the opportune time to heighten the urgency for climate action around the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in November 2017. To...
Coverage Coalition
Millions of people benefited from The Affordable Care Act. Especially those who were most in need and previously lived without health care. Those living in poverty and suffering from life-threatening illnesses, chronic illnesses, rare diseaeses. disabilities and preexisting conditions finally had coverage options.Advertising played a crucial role in infor...
Eagle Rare's Rare Life Award
Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has won its share of honors and awards. It's an All-American brand with a passion for excellence, widely celebrated by connoisseurs for its lofty and distinctive flavor profile. When you have a brand that stands for something, you ought to align with an audience that shares your ideals. So we did exactly that, ...
51% of today's visual artists are women, yet their work makes up less than 5% of permanent collections.This jarring disparity felt by women artists inspired action from LIFEWTR, a brand who believes "art is as essential to life as water." We began by showcasing new works from "Women in Art" on 20 million LIFEWTR bottles.Then we created "new galleries" for...
The Chubbies 2018 Man Model Search
Chubbies thinks of its customers as relatable, aspirational guys. And this got them thinking, "Why can't these guys be the face of our brand?" Men, like women, are bombarded with a particular body type and aesthetic in advertising. But not every guy is a chiseled Adonis. Real guys come in more than one shape. Real guys come in dad bods, lanky bods, faux h...

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