3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The regular entry deadline is August 29th, 2018.

From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in Animal & Wildlife

This award honors a program, project, or initiative executed to promote, protect, and defend wild and domestic animals.


96 Elephants
The Wildlife Conservation Society's 96 Elephants campaign — named for the number of elephants killed in Africa every day for their ivory — focuses on securing effective U.S. federal and state ivory bans; bolstering elephant protection with additional funding for conservation; and educating the public about the link between ivory consumption and ...
Adopt a Life Partner
The Ashley Madison leak grabbed headline as people collectively laughed about cheaters "getting what they deserved." But instead of joining in the negativity, we wanted to use the publicity for a positive cause – and get all the newly single people to find a better life partner, and adopt a rescue dog.
DoSomething.org and truth’s Four-Legged Finishers campaign
Cats and dogs are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes because of exposure to second- and thirdhand smoke – both of which are toxic to pets. truth® is empowering young people to become the generation that ends smoking – to "Finish It" for good. In order to give pets (and their owners) a voice in the movement to finish smoking, DoS...
Humana Brings The Parks To You
The National Park Service is an institution that instills patriotic pride and enriches the health and well being of our nation. However, due to geographical, financial and physical limitations, the National Parks aren't accessible to everyone. Our goal was to make the beauty and awe of the National Parks come alive to everyone because we believe...
Project #ShareConservation for World Penguin Day
The African Penguin population has decreased by 98% in the last 100 years with only 25K breeding pairs remaining. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has the 2nd largest breeding facility for the endangered African Penguins in the world. They have hatched over 1000 chicks. In 2015 Original Penguin adopted 60 endangered African Penguins on World Pengui...


How do you make dissing fur cool? breensmith wanted to bridge the gap between the fur-wearers, the fur-wearer haters, and those who simply hate fur-wearer-haters. Stay with us...It wasn't just about awareness, but also creating dialogue between all of these groups, and pointing the biggest finger at those who do the most damage: the fur traders and design...
The movement to free killer whales is at a crossroads. Seven years after TakePart's parent company, Participant Media, produced the Oscar-winning documentary film The Cove, more than 1 million people have signed a petition demanding the end to not only the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, but the capture and importation of dolphins, orcas, and ot...
Inside Florida’s first black bear hunt in more than two decades
In the summer of 2015, the Florida Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved Florida's first black bear hunt in 21 years. The decision caused public outrage -- only three years earlier black bears were still considered a threatened species in Florida – but to no end. The FWC decided to issue hunting permits in earnest and, over the last ...
Merck Veterinary Manual
Merck & Co., Inc., has a long history of providing medical information to health care professionals, beginning in 1899 with the publication of Merck's Manual of the Materia Medica. This small book was meant as an aid to physicians and pharmacists, reminding doctors that "Memory is treacherous." With the ever-important role of all types of animals in our ...
The Shelter Pet Project
For 75 years, the Ad Council has been harnessing the power of media and the marketing sector to make an impact on a wide array of social issues. Its long list of iconic campaigns includes Smokey Bear's "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires"; the "Keep America Beautiful" anti-pollution effort; and last year's viral "Love Has No Labels" campaign. With consumer...
Under siege: How fishing is threatening Florida’s sharks
Because of its location along the Gulf Stream and its pleasant winter water temperatures, Jupiter, Florida gets a huge influx of different species of sharks and has something unique to the rest of the world: masses of lemon sharks gather here annually for what's known as a shark aggregation (kind of like a shark social circle.)However, scientists that hav...
Based on current extinction rates, scientists and conservationists have warned that we are heading towards a massive extinction, the likes of which have not been seen on Earth for over 65 million years. If such an event were to occur, it would be disastrous, widespread and essentially irreversible. It would take anywhere from ten to thirty million years f...

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