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Around The Way App

is a Shorty Award finalist!

The iPhone and Android app that locates the Black-owned businesses near you. Download today!

www.aroundthewayapp.com - 5,230 followers

Finalist in Apps chosen by the nominating board

1 nomination in Support

1 nomination in Spread Word

1 nomination in Social Media Stars

The Shorty Interview with Around The Way App

What will the internet be like in 50 years?

privatized :-/

Can you name some one-of-a-kind Twitter accounts that you follow?


Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?

rarely, but i dont remember the reason why.

How do you use Twitter in your professional life?

I use twitter to share my authentic voice about the issues that pertain to my community and my life.

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A self-proclaimed Legacy Enthusiast, Janine Hausif (Ha-seef), is the CEO and founder of Around the Way App, a mobile application that locates Black-owned businesses. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Janine is determined to both empower and support underrepresented communities of the world. Around the Way App is a reflection of this dedication and a small piece of a much larger puzzle of empowerment. "The goal of Around the Way is to take these businesses from Main Street to mainstream." Janine explains "Mobile technology is the wave of the future. It's important for Black-owned businesses to remain relevant and competitive in today's economy." When she’s not working on her own projects, Janine volunteers with local and international youth organizations. Janine has been featured in NBC News, Black Enterprise, theGrio, Jet Magazine and Arise TV. In 2014, Hausif won the Pioneer Award presented by Amtrak and the Brooklyn Nets for her "dedication and contributions to the community."

How do you or your organization use social media? What makes your use unique?

Around the Way app uses social media to share inspiring stories of entrepreneurship in the Black community and share business tips and resources. This app is very unique because it is the first app specifically focused on the Black business community and its consumers.

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