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Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria

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Research shows that word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing. Our goal with Battle for Nuceria was to engage our super fans and let them drive word of mouth marketing for the final season of Spartacus. The program was built around the concept of empowering the few to tell the many. Battle for Nuceria was the most extensive digital experience for a STARZ Original Series to date encompassing web, social and mobile experiences all integrated into one program. This experience gave the global Spartacus fan base an experience to compete within that had no boarders, time zones or boundaries. Starz took consumers to the front line of Spartacus's fight against Rome in the Battle for Nuceria immersing them into the world the Starz show so beautifully created. Battle for Nuceria was a trans-media experience that blended the show and the consumer’s physical life offering them a unique way to engage with show characters and the story line within their daily life. In Battle for Nuceria, fans enlisted to become rebel army members who took on missions and fought for Spartacus’ cause. These missions included games, check-ins, website take-overs, social sharing, and bragging rights. Users completed missions in three ways: • The encampment website – https://battlefornuceria.com – became home base. Participants received missions directly from the show characters and claimed rewards here and could even smack talk friends when they were beating them in the ranks. • Missions were also completed via the Mobile iOS App (“Hyopgeum"). This tool allowed fans to check in at locations and complete scanning missions on the go • The final tool to complete the Battle for Nuceria missions was a browser extension that allowed users to “capture" websites for the rebel army. As users engaged in missions, fans earned points to climb the ranks within the army. There was both a contest and a sweepstakes tied to the Battle for Nuceria open to all US residents. The highest ranking rebels, at the top of the leader board, received exclusive prizes such as 2 trips to Mexico, an iPad mini, weapons from the show, movie tickets for a year and various Spartacus prize packs. The leader board rewarded the super fans who were really driving this experience, completing missions, unlocking exclusive rewards, and telling their friends about. However, to also reward the more casual consumers who won’t be at the top of the leader board, there was an overall sweepstakes attached to Battle for Nuceria. All that enlisted and earned a minimum of 25 points were entered into a grand prize drawing for a 6-day trip for two to Rome, Italy. For every 25 points earned, users received one entry for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Campaign Objectives • Build momentum and awareness • Elongate and amplify conversation online • Grow viewership via super fan advocacy • Reward and empower our loyal Spartacus fan base Battle for Nuceria was built using four strategic pillars to accomplish the goals for this campaign. Campaign Goals • 5,000 active users at the end of the campaign – reached this goal in less than 5 days • Engage fans to complete missions and unlock content in 3 days. Fans were unlocking content via the missions in under 24 hours Strategic Pillar #1: Activate the few to reach the many: Spartacus has a rabid fan base that is proud and loud of the show and characters. We wanted to reward and activate them to make more audiences aware of the show’s premiere and final season. This was a lead up program launching 2 months before premiere and continuing through the season to provide companion content and engagement opportunities. As consumers completed missions, they unlocked rewards were encouraged to share their accomplishments. The sharing functionality for each mission and each reward allowed these super fans to brag about their accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter and encourage their friends to join in. Strategic Pillar #2: Keep the Spartacus base engaged and entertained: Battle for Nuceria was a long-lead integrated campaign where fans became Rebel Soldiers and embedded themselves into the plotline to do battle alongside the show characters. The experience lived before and during the finale season of Spartacus, enriching and deepening the experience with the show as the story unfolded and consumers were vested in the plot as part of the show and as a user of this experience. Strategic Pillar #3: Incorporate traditional consumer marketing efforts and influencers into experience. Traditional marketing tactics, such as print and out of home, were an integral part of key missions. For example, to earn enough points to unlock the premiere episode of Spartacus: War of the Damned, users had to find and scan the official show key art using their mobile iOS app (“Hypogeum"). Thus maximizing our other marketing investments by integrating them into this program. Furthermore, a “rebel mark" was used as a component in an online and offline scavenger hunt. Through strategic placements, we were able to direct traffic to key partners and sites. We had an exclusive partnership with IGN in which they covered each mission as they became available and as a result, encouraged their readers to participate in the experience Strategic Pillar #4: Go out with a bang Thank and reward our loyal and dedicated fan base in a way we had never seen before. As rewards, these users received exclusive videos, images, wallpapers and skins, and downloadable content before anyone else had access to it. Rewards included over 170 hours of exclusive audio and video content. They received a peek into their favorite show with an interactive cast and crew photo that allowed them to zoom in and learn more about the people they’ve spent the last 4 seasons with on and off camera. Most importantly, these users had access to the first episode of the final season of Spartacus before anyone else through their efforts in Battle for Nuceria in the ultimate community reward. Throughout the entirety of this campaign we tracked the following. • Number of active users, gauged repeat engagement, track aggregate and new user registrations by week o Averaged anywhere from 2K-4K new users weekly o Campaign ended with: 47,734 active users • Mobile iOS App (“Hypogeum") downloads by week, and total registered users o Averaged about 1K downloads per week o Campaign ended with: 15,360 registered iphones • By mission: completion rate and points earned • Number of downloads per reward (personal & community) > ability to identify popular/least popular rewards • Video views of missions and rewards

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Since the actual website isn't live anymore, the below sums up all that we did for, and in promotion of, this campaign: www.starz.com/features/spartacusWar/awards


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