Shorty Social Good Awards

Entries for the Shorty Social Good Awards are now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of finalists! View entries submitted below.

The Shorty Social Good Awards honor groundbreaking corporate social responsibility and sustainability campaigns that organizational and marketing teams have worked so hard to realize. While the Shorty Awards have long-honored the best of social media, this competition includes efforts made by organizations to improve sustainability and diversity internally, foster globally-minded business partnerships and increase employee community and civic engagement.

Archived from the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Will Shepherd

Finalist in Video Blogger

About Will Shepherd

Will Shepherd graduated third out of 265 from Wakulla High School in 2007. He started his Bachelor’s in Mathematics at The Florida State University, quickly picking up a second major in Statistics. All was well until 2008, when his right lung collapsed for the first time, then again almost a year later. After emergency surgery it became apparent, due to growing familial tension, that Will needed to move out, and the only place to go was his maternal grandmother’s house. Things didn’t work out there due to lack of space, so Will then moved in with his brother. Life was great with his brother, until Will was forced out of the closet to his father. Then shit hit the fan, and Will moved in with a recently-made friend, R.J. Aguiar, while looking for a place to live. He found a place with a friend of his, and Will and R.J. developed a relationship closer than they could have imagined. The rest is on YouTube.

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