Shorty Social Good Awards

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The Shorty Social Good Awards honor groundbreaking corporate social responsibility and sustainability campaigns that organizational and marketing teams have worked so hard to realize. While the Shorty Awards have long-honored the best of social media, this competition includes efforts made by organizations to improve sustainability and diversity internally, foster globally-minded business partnerships and increase employee community and civic engagement.

Archived from the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Dean Johnson

Finalist in Apps

About Dean Johnson

As an accomplished design leader, writer, presenter, tech pundit and Vice President at Brandwidth Innovation Lab, Dean is shaping the future for Toyota, Disney, BBC, Warner Music, Random House, Apple, Microsoft and Smithsonian Enterprises. Dean is a Fellow and the former VP of The Chartered Society of designers and runs the Gadgetarium on the Dadsaster podcast and is Inspector Gadget on Nikki Bedi’s BBC London 94.9 radio show. Last year, Dean was rudely dumped into the Small Business category having made great strides in the Apps category. True, he's not personally an app, but neither is he personally a small business. Let's try to get him in the App top 6 as his team has created amazing mobile titles such as Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips, Headspin: Storybook, Top 100 Albums, F:sh, Journey to The Exoplanets, Doctor Who Encyclopedia, America's Presidents and The Doors (+ some amazing iBooks!) Dean has plenty more to say on his blog at Dean is assisted on his social media 'journey' by his multiple personalities - @ApptainAmerica @LaptopDean @TabletDean and @SmartphoneDean Here's the proof! He also runs another 10 Twitter accounts, but we can't tell you about those... This unique understanding of how social channels work can only be achieved by living it for every waking hour, then helping clients to connect with their audiences. It's not all about RTs, Favourites and Likes! Dean's wilder side also lives on Vine at

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