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The 10th Annual Shorty Awards will be held April 15th, 2018 in NYC. See below for official categories.

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The State of Affairs

Entered in Art Direction


"State of Affairs" is a four episode animated series about infidelity and modern love narrated by Esther Perel.

Esther Perel is a thought leader, psychotherapist & author. She studies relations for the bedroom to the boardroom. She is the author of "Mating in Captivity" and the upcoming book "The State of Affairs".



1.WHAT IS INFIDELITY? An introduction to the topic of infidelity. An approach to the constitutive elements of an affair, our monogamy agreements and the boundaries of what we consider an infidelity.

2.WHY DO HAPPY COUPLES CHEAT? "There is today a deficiency model, we believe either there's something missing in your relationship, or there's something missing in you. Affairs are seen as a symptom of a problematic relationship." This episode explores the reasons behind the cheating, what makes a person cheat on their couple, even though they love them.

3.HOW TO HEAL FROM AN AFFAIR? After an affair has occurred, the next step is to deal with it.This episode explores the feelings that each individual in the couples feel and how to cope with those emotions.

4.MODERN LOVE VOCABULARY This episode looks closely at some terms we use in the modern age to express some behaviors in relationships. Social media has influenced in the communication nowadays and there is a lack of empathy in how we now interact.


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The 10th annual shorty awards will be held april 15th, 2018 in new york city

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