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I'm Donna on Parks & Rec, Duke alum & I cuss a lot. Got an itchy block finger & not afraid to use it. P.S. I real time tweet my favorite shows: #YouveBeenWarned


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6th Annual Nomination

Shawne Myers @shawne_myers

@unfoRETTAble What's w/all the drama about the @shortyawards? I love you and all, but I had to google what it was. People to chill. #geez

6th Annual Nomination

Amanda Michelle @applesnpairs

Spoke to @unfoRETTAble last night @ #ShortyAwards and this morning @MrJoshCharles @ #Pinwheels4Prevention. I think I set them up for dinner

6th Annual Nomination

Matthew Strelitz @MatthewStrelitz

@unfoRETTAble you rock. Thanks for making the #ShortyAwards extra awesome. #TREATYOSELF

6th Annual Nomination

KAROLENA @Karobeanah

When fans thought I was @unfoRETTAble at the shorty awards! #nooneknowswhoireallyam #itscool #ShortyAwards

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