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Orlando Jones


Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris. Not Solange Knowles. Not Orlando Bloom. Not the black Jeff Goldblum. Not Isaiah Washington. Not Mos Def.

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6th Annual Nomination

Eboni Juanita Govan @eboni73

@TheOrlandoJones Hey whatever with the Shorty Awards? Did you win? You should have! #justcurious

6th Annual Nomination

ghuie@ghuie @ghuie

@shortyawards @TheOrlandoJones @HuffPostLive Go to #ShortyHuffPost and you can see all the best of the segment. Happy viewing, SPN rules!

6th Annual Nomination

HuffPost Live @HuffPostLive

Who's excited to learn social media jedi tricks from @TheOrlandoJones @GCGodfrey & @everyoneisgay tomorrow? #ShortyAwards #teachusyourways

6th Annual Nomination

Pernell Cruzado @sweetpb

I nominate @TheOrlandoJones for a Shorty Award in #actor because...he is awesome!

6th Annual Nomination

Carrie Krein @sargiegirl

I nominate @TheOrlandoJones for a Shorty Award in #actor because he loves his fans, and we love him. #sleepyheads

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