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Lua Blanco

is a Shorty Award finalist!

Haja o que houver, não pare de cantar. - Billy Blanco


Finalist in Actress, Celebrity, Music, Singer, Brazil & Instagrammer chosen by the community

767 nominations in Best Twitter

147 nominations in Activism

112 nominations in UK

81 nominations in Fashion

76 nominations in Luachat

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The Shorty Interview with Lua Blanco

What will the internet be like in 50 years?

Have you seen Joaquim Phoenix's latest film Her? Something like that.

What's the wildest experience you've had via social media?

A live twitcam stream happening on stage in the middle of a show for 80 thousand people. That was a crazy experience.

How will the world change in the next year?

The world will get hotter and the love of many will have waxed even colder. Oh, and Brazil will have been world champion for the sixth time.

Who's your role model on social media?

Pink. Perfect combination of professional information and personal family anecdotes.

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Lua is a Brazilian actress and singer. Raised in a family of 6, she started singing at a very young age. In college, where she studied literature and Portuguese and English translation, she started a pop rock band which she sang in for 5 years. Her acting career started in 2008 when she started studying theater and playing small roles in Rede Globo soap operas such as “Três Irmãs” and “Malhação”. She was also in the Brazilian cast of the Broadway musical Spring Awakening. But it was the teen phenomenon "Rebelde" that turned her into a pop idol around the country. The Rede Record project involved a daily novela and a band which did two nation wide tours between 2011 and 2013. Today, at age 26, Lua acts in the Record melodrama "Pecado Mortal" and prepares for the opening of her next musical "Se Eu Fosse Você" scheduled for March. She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro.

How do you or your organization use social media? What makes your use unique?

Lua uses her social profiles daily to be in close touch with her fans, updating them on her future projects and day to day life. The unique thing about her is that she uses her spontaneity and charisma to be herself is her posts, saying what she thinks and being frank about random subjects. The fans love her for that.

Recent Nominations

August 26, 2014

@shortyawards ESQUECERAM DA @Lua_Blanco ! anunciem ela logo, eu tenho que dormir pra acordar cedo seus putos. #WeAreSoProudOfYouLuaBlanco

February 21, 2014

@Lua_Blanco minha princesa, como se sentir por estar na final no shorty awards ?? #LuaBlancoPocketShowdia24 ,me responde ai linda

February 21, 2014

Lu , Se você ganhar o shorty awards , Vai ter twitcam ?? :) @Lua_Blanco #LuaBlancoPocketShowDia24

February 21, 2014

o que dizer aos seus Lunáticos, que passaram noite e dia votando no Shorty Awards? @Lua_Blanco #LuaBlancoPocketShowdia24 +3

February 21, 2014

@Lua_Blanco Qual sua reacao quando soube que ta na final de 6 categorias no Shorty Awards ? #LuaBlancoPocketShowdia24

February 21, 2014

@Lua_Blanco Arthur ganhou em actor no shorty awards! E você em actress! Sintonia <3 #LuaBlancoPocketShowdia24

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