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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Ruffles GIF Comic Book Series

Entered in Animated GIFs

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In order to appeal to the nostalgic of twenty-something man-children and build awareness around Ruffles’ epically cheesy, B-movie action hero Ruff McThickridge, Ruffles created a first-of-kind series of GIF comic books. Each comic book parodies the feathered-hair, mustachioed men of seventies action films, but in a glorious GIF format that guys can share with their friends. In order to better appeal to the Anchorman-quoting, mustache-growing, beer-swilling broheim audience, Ruffles set out to market their product like a classic B-movie Grindhouse film. Each commercial follows action hero Ruff McThickridge and his trusty sidekick Bo Dato as they foil bad guys, woo ladies and navigate treacherous terrain all in the pursuit of Ruffles. Tasked with building the mythology around Ruff MckThickridge and his epic stardom, we turned to the things that man children most associate with the mustachioed action heroes of yore – comic books. In partnership with Buzzfeed and the illustrators behind ESPN shorts and Grantland we created a first-of-kind series of GIF Comic Books featuring Ruff McThickridge. Ruffles took the classic comic book medium and re-invented it in a compelling and innovative way by creating a set of original animated GIF comic books. RESULTS • Generated 235,579 total views of the GIF comic books and 1,004 total social engagements • Average users spent over 4 minutes on each comic • This campaign generated overall positive lift for the brand


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