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We Art Water Film Festival

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The We Art Water Film Festival is an international short film competition, organised by the We Are Water Foundation, that recognises and awards the talent of all those individuals with a clear awareness of the water problem around the world and who are also able to express it in their productions. The main objective of the competition is to raise awareness through cinema as an art and a tool for diffusion, generating visibility by means of the creation of 3-minute long audio visual pieces that address that issue. Cinema is able to show the water and sanitation problem is a more dynamic and visual way and, with the help of the social networks and the media, it reaches a wider audience.

During the third edition of the competition, a campaign was carried out in the social networks, focusing mainly on Facebook, as well as other social networks. The best way to disseminate these audio visual pieces is through the social networks, which allow the transmission of the message and the audio visual content in a quick, powerful and accessible way from many countries around the world

The aim of the campaign was to make the Foundation and its message known to a young target and at the same time, to as many countries as possible to turn the competition into an international contest.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In order to reach the target group, a campaign through social networks was organised, as this is the tool most commonly used by this audience while at the same time being the one closer to them and the one that creates a community. The strategy was to combine advertisements in Facebook and internet pages in specific countries, focusing the campaign on the profile of a proactive individual, with social and environmental awareness and with a vocation for cinema. The advertisements arrive a lot of countries: United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Bangladesh, Iran, France, Colombia, Argentina, among others.

The third edition of the competition was launched during the San Sebastian International Film Festival, with the presentation of the jury. In order to be able to position the Foundation as an institution of reference in the water and sanitation sector, and to encourage the participation of the audience and the impact of the competition, a professional jury from the film and social sector was chosen, all of them individuals that were at the same time influencers in their fields. All this made it possible to maximise the dissemination of the competition through their own posts in their profiles in different personal social networks and to establish the We Are Water Foundation as a reference and pioneer in the generation of visibility actions.

The jury was made up of: Juan Campanella, Oscar winning film director, Carlos Jiménez Renjifo, Desk Officer at UNRIC; Marc Clotet, actor; Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, film director;; Rocío García, journalist specialising in cinema at El País (the main Spanish newspaper); Manuela Velasco, actress; Leticia Dolera, actress and filmmaker; Albert Solé, director of documentaries; Jordi Folgado, director of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation; Xavier Torras, director of the We Are Water Foundation and Judith Colell, filmmaker and commissioner of the last edition.

Apart from the awards in 3 different categories, the Public Award was created. This award was chosen through Facebook, where any individual anywhere in the world was able to vote for any of the finalist short films. The award was created to increase the participation and visibility of the competition by means of its circulation in social networks.

The awards ceremony of the We Art Water Film Festival 3 took place in Madrid with the presence of the jury, numerous celebrities of the film industry and the finalists of the third edition. The broadcast of the ceremony was carried out through Facebook Life, so that it could be watched live from anywhere around the world.


The results of the campaign were highly successful. The social network campaign made possible to obtain international awareness of the We Art Water Film Festival 3, creating a community of all those interested in participating and the participants in previous editions, while at the same time showing the problem existing in many areas throughout the world in a direct and visual way.

The jury of the third edition made use of the social networks throughout all stages of the competition and, being a high-profile jury made up of influencers, their dissemination caused a higher impact in the social networks, and in the media, which also mentioned the competition throughout the entire edition. This also enabled the friends and colleagues of the members of the jury to get interested in the competition and its background, and to mention the We Art Water Film Festival in their publications in the social networks.

Through Facebook the contest obtained the vote from thousands of people for the Public Award. From the presentation, we were able to keep more than 250,000 people informed (people that liked the Facebook page of the Foundation and people that gained access through content).


The We Are Water Foundation is now positioned as a reference in the water and sanitation problem and as one of the pioneering foundations in this kind of initiatives focused on showing the reality of the world through cinema.


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