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Boosted City Summer Tour

Entered in Contest or Promotion, Multi-Platform Campaign


Boosted Boards set out on a month long City Summer Tour to engage with followers, riders, and fans from SF, LA, CHI, & NY through localized weekly content that visually shares what it means to ride in that city. All while raising brand awareness through immersive city videos that urge you, the fan, to rethink the way we get around and experience a ride for yourself. Not forgetting those watching at home, we activated our community via a digital-to-physical scavenger hunt that culminated in a city-wide last second sprint at a different location every week for those that were dedicated and desired a board of their own!

tl;dr Execute an integrated multi-platform campaign that activates our community of 250k followers and tens of thousands of riders both digitally and physically.


Kick-off a new city each week, starting with San Francisco! We then move on to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City where we're at physically to do dealer pop-ups, group rides, and giveaway.

1. Share epic photos from each city and their iconic locations, remarkable infrastructure, and unique community.

2. Publish an immersive city video to experience the sights and sounds onboard, figuratively and literally.

3. Invite people to our group rides and meet our friendly, local, and knowledgable City Ambassadors when it comes to riding a Boosted board through the city.

Every day of each week we release 1 out of 6 GPS coordinates, scrambling on our landing page, that when combined together in sequence on Sunday gives away the location of the Boosted board. The scavenger hunt format for the location of the board giveaway format below:

Mondays, post an iconic asset that sets the city location.


Tuesdays, post the city video and unlock the first coordinate on the site.


Wednesdays, post a photo with a hidden second coordinate on social media. Look closely, or check the attached photo below for a hint.



- Thursdays ... Lock another coordinate on the site.

- Fridays ... Post a photo with a hidden coordinate.

- Saturdays ... Lock another coordinate on the site.

Sunday, the last day and coordinate that reveals the location of the hidden Boosted board is published. At which point our team on the ground is ready for the first person to get to them, marked by a big balloon and board box, where they are gifted a brand new Boosted board and taken for a scenic ride!


Not only did we meet or exceed our social metric goals but on the ground we were able to engage hundreds in each city through demo events at dealers and group rides in each city happening throughout the week via FB groups. Group rides were organized with the help of our city ambassadors, featured every Thursday of each week, alongside our existing community that we foster on FB groups such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/boostedsf.

Our City Summer Tour Giveaway Winners:

SF - https://www.instagram.com/p/BVyDwPwlBEs/?taken-by=... Kevin dedicated his weekend to finding the board, as an intern in SF his life changed with an easily accessible alternative form of transportation at his finger tips.

LA - https://www.instagram.com/p/BWEEPLkFieg/?taken-by=... Jade camped out in the vicinity of the location and seconds after the last coordinate was published, she ran to our team and showed that luck favors the prepared.

CHI - https://www.instagram.com/p/BWIfSK8lvIP/?taken-by=... Clay drove from out of state Wisconsin at 3AM with his girlfriend and happened to be waiting near the giveaway location, dedication earned him a board.

NYC - https://www.instagram.com/p/BWoLeutlUmv/?taken-by=... Daniel dodged all of our curve balls as we changed up the sequence in which the coordinates were released to level the playing field, this early bird got the worm.

Along with these lucky few, we gave away another board online for those who didn't live near the 4 cities we toured in at https://boostedboards.com/tour-2017-giveaway/. Congrats to Cody from Nashville!


Video for Boosted City Summer Tour

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Boosted Inc.


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