This page should provide you the resources you need to accurately represent the Shorty Awards brand in print and on the web. For any press inquiries, please reach out to [email protected].


Do not alter the shape or structure of these logos, add unnecessary beveling, drop shadows or special effects. They are provided as is.

The primary and preferred logo for any Shorty Awards design materials.

Vector – Black
Vector – White
Transparent PNG – Black

Useful on any materials where the Shorty Awards is written out or clearly communicated. May be recolored following the color palette outlined below.

Vector – Black
Vector – White
Transparent PNG – Black
Transparent PNG – White

Brand Palette

Color Shorty Black
Hex #2A3337
Color Shorty Teal
Hex #1CB2A8
Color 404 Blue
Hex #79CCC9
Color White
Color Neutral
Hex #F7F6F0
Color Emoji Yellow
Hex #FBC731


Acumin Pro Condensed & Acumin Pro Extra Condensed

Generally used in "bold" with 50pt letter spacing. Often used in the lighter weights in italics with 0pt letter spacing. Always in uppercase.
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Proxima Nova
Used as body text on the web and in print. When used as a header style text, use Proxima Nova Black with 100pt letter spacing.
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Download our approved badges for representing Shorty Award winners and finalists.
Download .png files

Offical shorty awards imagery is available for your use provided by Getty.
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