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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

embrace® Scar Therapy: Piloting the Power of a Full-Funnel Social Campaign

Finalist in Large Media Buying Strategy

About this entry

embrace® Scar Therapy is an FDA-cleared medical device, developed by world-renowned scar experts from Stanford University. It can prevent thick, dark, raised scars that result from surgery or injury.

Smarty developed a paid social strategy to generate awareness, capture qualified leads, and drive online sales of the embrace® Active Scar Defense products. After proving the positive impact of paid social as a key channel in the marketing mix, Smarty was challenged to defend the value of social and increased spend amid strong belief in, and funding for, awareness level traditional media.

The objective was to test if paid social could scale revenue to the extent it could positively impact business ROI. Success was measured by:

-- Immediate gains in return on ad spend (ROAS) by shifting awareness dollars to social and search channels with the goal of bringing the business closer to revenue-positive

-- Improve ROI across the business, while maintaining upper-funnel awareness

-- Drive most cost-efficient UVs, Leads, and Sales

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When Smarty began working with Neodyne, the client lacked visibility on data sources, insights, and opportunities across all digital and e-commerce channels. Smarty's analytics team conducted a comprehensive performance audit using thorough website analysis, lead analysis, and sales performance. This work resulted in immediate improvement in attribution. Smarty created an analytics dashboard giving clients a quick read on current business performance based on relevant KPIs across channels. With a better view of business performance, the client was able to make informed optimizations cross-channel to improve the business ROI by 63%.

Continued analytics work with the client later led Smarty to help assess the media mix, based on ROI performance. Our analytics team derived a media mix model to articulate the impact and economics of media on revenue outcomes. By monitoring business performance during TV-off and TV-on periods, and using the lead generation form to identify direct revenue attribution, the client was able to measure the revenue impact of each channel. These insights supported the need for a test to assess the potential of better performing channels to drive the business.


Reallocate awareness spend to top performing media channels -- paid search and social:

-- Increase social investment to support strategic campaigns to drive higher business revenue

-- Target users in social, along the entire customer journey from awareness to lead gen to purchasing

-- Strategically expand audiences through awareness efforts to later leverage them in remarketing campaigns for highest probability to convert


Turning traditional media channels off will naturally result in a drop-off in broad awareness, leading to a drop-off in site traffic. It was critical that during this test, our campaigns were structured in a way that minimized any loss in site traffic.


Incremental social spend was structured to support 3 KPIs:

-- Site visitors

-- Leads

-- Revenue

Campaigns deployed:

-- Traffic: Drive cost-efficient, qualified traffic to web to cushion drop-off from awareness efforts going dark; keep site traffic steady

-- Lead Generation: Generate leads for remarketing and email marketing

-- Promo: Drive revenue through new creative featuring percent off promotion

-- Product Remarketing: Retarget users who showed interest in specific high-revenue products with ads driving them back to cart with a coupon added


The test clearly proved that the social channel had the ability to scale awareness spend with improved ROI for the overall business:

-- Social revenue increased by 107% supported by higher spend as well as strategic optimizations at audience and creative level in every stage of the purchase journey

-- Business ROI improved by 46% and incremental investment in social and paid search channels

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Smarty Social Media, Neodyne Biosciences, Inc


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