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Peter: Deadpool's Number Two

Finalist in Humor


As a plot point to the Deadpool sequel, Deadpool assembled a team of mutants to form the X-Force. But one of the recruits wasn't a mutant at all… aside from having type 2 diabetes. His name was Peter and Peter was… Well, average. But in the most spectacular way. We wanted people to know that they could trust Deadpool's decision, especially after Dopinder got stiffed. Our goal was to build buzz around the X-Force and the movie by proving to the world that Peter was the relatable, everyman hero they needed. He couldn't just be another member of the team. We needed to transform him into a cultural icon.


We began by working with the filmmakers to figure out just who the heck this guy really is. Peter had been given some great dialogue for Deadpool 2, but no one had ever stopped to ask the guy about his home life. Or his passions. Or his goals. We knew that if we wanted our social audience to relate to him in a big way, we needed him to open up to them, first. So, we gave Peter a hot wife named Susan. And then we gave her an even hotter personal trainer named Gus. And when Susan and Gus started spending all their time together, we developed a hobby for Peter to pour himself into. Something quirky and fun, but also geeky and whitebread. We chose: Beekeeping. Peter was now a proud apiarist and he had a lot to tell the world about his winged, honey-producing friends. We set him up with a twitter account, further developing his super-endearing voice and "aww shucks" personality, clicked follow from the Deadpool 2 movie account and then watched his popularity skyrocket. Peter continued to post behind the scenes shots of X-Force training, photos from his day, random thoughts... He was a beacon of positivity and an example for all to follow. We quickly realized that one platform wasn't enough to contain his growing celebrity status. So, we partnered with LinkedIn and made him a profile. We developed a work history, giving him a past as a salesman for Excalibur Cutlery Co. Which, for diehard Marvel fans paying attention, happened to be a giant tease that Peter W. is actually famed superpowered secret agent, Peter Wisdom. He wasn't, but we knew comic fans loved to dig for easter eggs (and dig they did). We posted Peter's thoughts about Mondays. About "bee-ing" positive. We developed thought-leadership articles where he encouraged people to face their fears and figure out a comfortable work/life balance. Peter connected with fans and new friends alike by the thousands, and those professionals endorsed him for his skills and wrote him references to make life after X-Force even easier. Peter even got a few job offers... It was a pretty good time to be Peter.


In the first 24 hours of launching Peter's twitter account, he racked up over 36K followers and 15K+ social mentions with press absolutely swarming around the humble beekeeper. Mashable, The Hollywood Reporter, AV Club and even the highly respected cinematic journal Golf Digest were just a few of the publications to write about our ordinary apiarist. While Peter's twitter following ballooned past 130K followers he was also gaining LinkedIn connections at an unbelievable rate. In the first 24 hours he had nearly 5K connections with engagement numbers for his articles way above benchmark for typical LinkedIn content. People took a liking to Peter in a really big way. A fandom was developed and along with it came fan-made art and shirts and action figures and cosplay. We received requests from pubs like Playboy and Birth.Death.Movies who wanted to interview and get to know Peter. And 20th Century Fox even put more of him into later Deadpool 2 trailers as a response to his increased popularity. With over 68 million impressions and 2.9 million engagements, he was arguably as popular as the merc with the mouth himself. Our campaign had taken Deadpool's "sugar bear" and transformed him into a hero of the people. Peter was now bigger than Deadpool 2. He was bigger than the tweets we wrote and articles we posted. And that, to us, was the best part.


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