Natasha Younge™


U.C. Berkeley grad. #SAGAFTRA Actress. Comedienne. Owner: @YoungeHwoodBlst.

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6th Annual Nomination @paper_li

Community! @natashayounge's Paper #YoungeHollywoodBlast is up for a @shortyawards! Let's get her to 100 votes!

6th Annual Nomination

Mouth-Wired-Shut @MouthWiredShut

I nominate @natashayounge for a Shorty Award, because she is an up-and-coming #actress who deserves a first-look!

6th Annual Nomination

Kenny-C @CBroadcasting

I nominate @natashayounge for a Shorty Award in #actress because of her dedication!

6th Annual Nomination

Will Van Stone Jr @willvanstonejr

Nominate @natashayounge for a @shortyawards for #actress!! Why, cause she's good.

6th Annual Nomination

Natasha Younge™ @natashayounge

This just about made my year. "I nominate @natashayounge for a Shorty Award in #actress..." @willvanstonejr

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