Kathy Zucker


Founder @MetroMomsNet, mom of 3. Fencer. Dove model. Intl @ShortyAwards winner, @RTAcademy judge. Inner Circle lover. #AAPI. Email me@KathyZucker.com

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Kathy was nominated for a Shorty Award!

Nominated in Journey to Mars
Nominated in Be Happy
Nominated in Somedayistoday
Nominated in Workcanwait

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April 18, 2015

Joyce Frost @itsjoycefrost

@kathyzucker I'm getting my outfit today. So excited to network @shortyawards with @ProjectBuddy & meet more inspiring people #workcanwait

6th Annual Nomination

Tiffany Piñero @TPineroStyle

@kathyzucker @ElizabethNorton @shortyawards @TimesSquareNYC u r going to give all those blinding lights a run for their money! #timetoshine

6th Annual Nomination

Hypothyroid Mom @HypothyroidMom

You are an inspiration @kathyzucker Congratulations on your Shorty Award win last year for #KeepGoodGoing

6th Annual Nomination

Kristen Daukas @4Hens1Rooster

Best thing about the @shortyawards is meeting friends like @kathyzucker @betterwaymoms & @dadarocks. Thanks for the #HangOut!!

6th Annual Nomination

Jennifer @JenniferDaure

@kathyzucker Thanks!! - I look forward to what we will create this year!! #Amazingness @shortyawards

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