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Rufus-Jenny Triplett

was nominated for a Shorty Award!

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The Shorty Interview with Rufus-Jenny Triplett

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Rufus and Jenny Triplett are “changing the game” in every way possible. Not only are they one of very few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, they have survived twenty plus years of marriage being attached at the hip. Being parents of three boys, Michael, 23, Mosi, 21 and Miles 19, they know the trial and tribulations of not only raising children, but African-American men who could end up as stereotypes. They are passionate about family and detouring young men and women from the criminal justice system. Some of the subjects they speak about are dysfunctional families, substance abuse, entrepreneurship, marriage & relationships, self-conscious addictions, incarceration, stereotypes, social media influence, domestic violence & toxic relationships and the list goes on. Anyone dealing with inmates has to have a tough demeanor. The Triplett’s like to take the non-judgmental and forgiveness approach with their work. Dealing with educating inmates and their families brings great satisfaction to the couple knowing they are a part of improving someone’s life. When asked the question what would make you start a magazine like this, the owners respond intelligently “We hope to bring new and different ideas to the multimedia game as well as enlighten views and perceptions of an uninformed and forgotten society.” Their constant drive and dedication to thwart mass incarceration was recognized by President Obama.

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Dabney Porte

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It is hard for us to get support for our platform for various reasons. We trying to help those who cannot help themselves

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