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was nominated for a Shorty Award!

My name is Mario. I like cotton candy and things that explode.

www.gloveandboots.com - 5,709 followers

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You should vote for me because I like votes.

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Growing up a small red furry boy in the Midwest, I always dreamed of winning a minor category in an internet awards event. Teaming up with my good friend Fafa the Groundhog, we set to work, trying to make this goal a reality. With plenty of help from friends (Gorilla, Thor, Santa Claus, a Zombie, and a guy named Jack Woods) we make the best vlogs we can, while talking about whatever we want. Turn Ons: Explosions, ice cream, and Star Trek. Turn offs: People who think I am Elmo. And hipsters.

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January 7, 2014

I nominate @MarioGlove for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger because his video blogs are the most entertaining.

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