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A project documenting everyday experiences of sexism to prove how widespread & common the problem is. My #ShoutingBack Twitter campaign helped 3500 women worldwide stand up to street harassment and hit the international media, starting a revolution (www.guardian.co.uk/l.... We put thousands of women's voices together to make them heard where they might not have been before. We aim to change attitudes and ideas,give women solidarity&strength to speak out and persuade companies & individuals to reconsider sexist assumptions. Using humour & a light touch to shake off the idea you have to be 'rampant' or 'bitter' to believe women should be treated equally in 2013! 20,000 women have added their voices in just 10 months, from a 7 year old disabled girl facing 'women drivers' jibes in her wheelchair, to a pregnant woman aggressively sexually harassed in the street, to a female reverend being told she can't become a bishop because of her gender, to a 15 year old girl telling us she thinks her looks are all she will ever be judged on. People around the world have written to say we've changed their ideas & behaviour & women have written to tell us we gave them the strength to stand up, knowing they were not alone. Teenage girls who had become so used to being groped in bars that they just accepted it have started to say NO. Women who were being sexually harassed at work have spoken out. Women who had been raped but felt ashamed have found the strength to tell their families what happened, realising it was not their fault. Women who were sexually assaulted have found the strength to report their attackers to the police, and seen them charged. We are making a real difference.

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The Shorty Interview with EverydaySexism

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter?

That it doesn't have the power to make physical change in the real-world.

How do you decide what to tweet?

I RT as many real women's real experiences as poss to give them a voice&also engage with&thank those who are changing their ideas

How do you make your tweets unique?

Every tweet tells its own personal story - they're real women's experiences in their own words and that gives them such power

What question are we not asking here that we should?

How has your online impact spread to the real world? (One woman read our feed &found strength2report man who assaulted her-he's been charged)

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I started Everyday Sexism because of a 5 yr old girl who thought she had to turn into a boy to become an astronaut. In 10 months thousands of women from all over the world have written to tell me how it has empowered them. The project is completely unfunded&I get rape&death threats, but the women who write saying it's changed their lives keep me going. I'm a freelance writer&also work for Women Under Siege, a NY based NGO fighting sexualised violence against women in conflict zones worldwide.

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