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Kenn Elmore

was nominated for a Shorty Award!

Kenn Elmore, Boston University's Dean of Students. Musing about life in and around BU

www.bu.edu/dos - 12,485 followers

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The Shorty Interview with Kenn Elmore

Who do you admire most for his or her use of Twitter?


Why should people follow you?

Because I love that which is playful, stylish, articulate, highly-referenced, coded, transcendent, lyrical, musical, pop, and political.

Twitter or Facebook?


How do you decide what to tweet?

I use Twitter and my other online communication streams - blog posts, comments, web sites - in a manner far more nuanced than making announcements. One of my uses is to challenge and ask questions - especially the ones on the margin - and with a bit of edge as a style. My foundational themes are about careers and finding your way to living a life of significance; the power of young people to be engaged in and change the society; and, the power of critical thinking. I am have also been known to focus on elements of spectator experience rather than the actual event itself. (I always decide that there are enough people who will write and talk about the event or activity.) When I engage the online environment, I look for what I believe are cutting edge and innovative “things” – improvisation in the conventional and inspiration in the ordinary. Online, I am also known to be colorful, questioning, enigmatic, and a bit of a trash-talker who invites responses.

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Kenn Elmore likes to rock the boat. He looks for improvisation in the conventional and inspiration in the ordinary. Kenn loves keeping things on the cutting edge while still coating everything with spoonfuls of sugar. Temperamentally, he’s an artist, who went to school to study psychology, education, and law. In his development as an educator and as a human being, and in the search for his hopes and dreams, Kenn has been encouraged, supported, nurtured, and taught by people of all religions, rac

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