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Pine-Sol® Makers of Home

Entered in Social Good Campaign

About this entry

Though the dilutables category itself had been flat for several years, the category was seeing an uptick in recent quarters around scented and experiential offerings. Clorox quickly noted Mr. Clean and Fabuloso increasing shares with their scented products, while Pine Sol was lagging behind in the category. Consumer research also noted that while Clorox made quick moves to innovate and offer a wider scent portfolio, there was still an outdated perception that Pine-Sol was simply just pine-scented.

At the same time, competitors were connecting with consumers on an emotional level. Rather than focusing on the product attributes, marketing was focused on the end-game – how having a clean home makes us feel.

Knowing the need to connect emotionally with the consumer, combined with the concept of 'outdated perceptions,' the team honed in on another concept that needed updating – the concept of 'The Homemaker.' Sometimes polarizing, the term is arguably outdated and not representative of how families are structured today. We asked ourselves if it would be possible to reimagine the concept of the homemaker and show that just like Pine-Sol is more than 'pine,' the people responsible for keeping our homes clean and safe are not just stay-at-home moms wearing aprons and scrubbing floors. "Makers of Home" was born.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Today, there are over 1 million households that are led by a single father; 2.4 million kids are being raised by grandparents; and 1,300 new blended families from every single day creating newly minted step-parents. The Makers of Home campaign set out to celebrate families of all shapes and sizes, and enhance the term "homemaker" to extract negative connotations and imagery rejuvenating it with an updated definition reflective of today's shift in roles.

Through an integrated, multi-channel campaign, Pine-Sol would seek to redefine the modern "homemaker," and highlight how these roles have changed over the years. We sought to shine a spotlight on the new roles of modern homemakers, and how families look different now vs. how they have in generations past. More specifically, we wanted to look at how families today come together from all walks of life and celebrate these makers of the home. We wanted to inspire the country and redefine the word "homemaker" once and for all; creating a paradigm shift with cultural permanence.

We did this through:

Content - The team searched for three families who were highlighted in short-form videos, highlighting their role as modern families bucking the trend and redefining what it means to be a homemaker. We settled on three families headed by a single mom, foster/adoptive parents and an interracial couple with a special needs child. A hero video helped to serve as the rallying cry for the campaign and help consumers understand how to participate.

Social media - Our call to action was rooted in sparking a conversation online. By using the hashtag, consumers could tell us their stories and celebrate the Makers of Home in their families.

Microsite - it housed our content and offered a real-time look into the ongoing conversation online through a hashtag feed. It also housed product information and links to useful how-to's using the brand.

Influencers - We tapped influencers who could help showcase how their own families are proof that the term 'homemaker' has evolved. An instagram contest with our partner, Latina influencer network We All Grow, helped further drive the message that this campaign was not about Pine-Sol, it was about celebrating our consumer.

Celebrity spokesperson - actress/singer Christina Milian, who as an Afro-Latina, had the universal appeal to speak to all kinds of media and consumers from all walks of life.

Community relations - we partnered with Together We Rise, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care. Pine-Sol donated $50,000 and provided 100 new family kits - product coupons, games, gift cards and a family photo frame.

Take Part partnership - to promote meaningful and 'feel good' stories.

FSI - to call attention to our partnership with Together We Rise, making that emotional connection with the consumer even at point of purchase.


Results include:


Video for Pine-Sol® Makers of Home

Produced by

The Axis Agency, The Clorox Company


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